Chronic Illness and the Holidays

  “And to someone in chronic pain, time is priceless.”  | Lyza Jane Huffner                   

       Prednisone, or what some of us use a more endearing phrase, “The Devil’s Tic Tacs,” has more of a love/hate relationship with most.  I have been battling Secondary Cushing’s Syndrome for about 2 years. Currently, I’m on a steady dose of 15 mg due to some “mystery inflammation.”  


       The holiday season also usually means amazing foods. OH! And let’s not forget the leftovers piling up in the refrigerator.  The past week has been an absolute disaster fighting the constant, hunger/starvation cravings of the medication side effects. My will power seems to have been M.I.A. over the last week and is not showing signs is showing up anytime soon…I AM EATING EVERYTHING IN SIGHT! UGH!!

       I have a passion for taking photos of everyone and thing…except myself that is. Many times, I do give in to my own insecurities and allow myself to be in a few photographs. I quickly am reminded why I doge the photo lense of any cell phone or camera as the copies are printed and handed out.  At first glance at them…The initial thoughts rushed in; look at my “prednisone moon face,” the puffiness of my body, and my unnatural body proportions…(just to name a few). I feel like I look like the Michelin Man mascot.  

       Now, I could go on and on…about myself, but the longer and more deeply I reflect/ed on this past Thanksgiving week my perspective has/is changing. I was able to have the mental/physical strength and stamina to enjoy 3 full days with my extended family (I’m blessed to with stand a day and a half on average).  I had a BLAST catching up and bonding with them…laughter and love really do heal the body and soul. The photographs are a symbol of a time in my life…a memory, a moment.  “And to someone in chronic pain, time is priceless.”